This site started as a fun hobby to share about some of the things that as a local here in Myrtle Beach we love to do.  I have people all the time asking where the best places are to go to eat, what things to do that are fun & enjoyable without breaking the bank.  People were tired of visiting the tourist traps, and also tired of spending way too much money to have a disappointing meal or experience.

As someone who move to Myrtle Beach over 12 years ago, I remember what it was like in the beginning. Not knowing what places were good, and which ones I’d never want to visit again.  They say you could eat 3 meals a day here without eating at the same place twice, but do you really want to have to try a few hundred just to find the places you love? Use these guides to find out more information about the Myrtle Beach area as well as the places the locals love to eat at.

Also, if you are a local business that wants to become a sponsor of this page or offer something special to our readers, make sure to contact us directly.